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We pride ourselves in offering unique products unavailable in our larger competitors here in Las Vegas.  We carry a full line of Alaga Syrups, Blackburn Made Syrups, Brer Rabbit Syrups, Glory Foods canned vegetables, Louisiana Fish Fry Products, Old Bay Seasonings, Tampico Spices, Blue Runner Beans, Mrs. Renfro’s Chow Chow, and a complete line of Zatarain Dinners.  Our meat counter also has locally produced hog head cheese!

More importantly, if there are products you would like for us to order, simply call Mario Berlanga at (702) 648-1482.  If we don’t have it in-stock, we will do our level best to secure a vendor and make the product available to you.  We appreciate your patronage and will do everything within our power to ensure our staff exceeds your expectations.  

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